About Us

Discover Your Inner Wanderer

At Drifters, we believe the thrill of adventure lives within us all. Our story began when founding owner-spouses, Michele and Steve, and their founding partner, Sharon, combined their passions for retail, design, and far-flung travels. With decades of experience across 6 stores nationwide, they set out to source inspired fashions from artisans worldwide.

Let your journey start here. Our curated collections transport you across the globe - from the markets of Peru to the coasts of Italy, the textile houses of India to the villages of Haiti. We traverse the world in search of unique, comfortable clothing and accessories infused with bold spirit.

Whether you're a seasoned explorer or just daydreaming about your next voyage, come discover our latest finds. Peruse breezy tunics and packable pants from Vietnam. Try on hand-tooled leather bags from Spain. Layer on tribal jewelry handed down for generations in Canada's North. We unearth new treasures every week to keep your closet adventures fresh.

Drifters invites you to find your true north in our Sedona store. Located in the Sedona Vista Mall's Village of Oak Creek, we're outfitting free spirits for every occasion under the desert sun. Come on in and discover where your inner wanderer wants to roam next. The journey awaits at Drifters.